Curriculum Vitae

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A versatile coder who enjoys learning new skills and improving existing ones. Primarily focuses on security, third party integration and network/infrastructure. Currently doing DevOps, dealing with everything from back-end server programming to network and infrastructure, AWS, ISO-27001, and general information security.

Thrives on being a go-to guy for technical questions of any sort, as well as being the calm and collected task prioritizer when the proverbial organic mass occasionally hits the rotating air moving device.

Also very handy with a soldering iron.

Work experience

2020 -

Senior Developer & Security Analyst at Attensi

Working on backend architecture and microservices, as well as addressing security concerns, incidents and certification.

Additional tasks include, but not limited to:
* Integrating ISO-27001 best practices into the development pipeline
* Researching and implementing new tools to optimize the development workflow
* Facilitating testing of networked applications in environments simulating poor reception and low bandwidth
* Technical meetings with customer management and IT departments
* Generating reports for customers, to show the learning impact of Attensi products
* Putting out fires, investigating incidents

2017 - 2020

Senior Developer & Security Analyst at Sensio AS

Working with Sensio automation systems as a .Net/C# back-end developer, mainly focusing on the "TrafficServer" backend component that maintains connections and relays communication with "Internet of Things" devices, with deployments in publicly accessible environments as well as isolated health institution networks.

Additional tasks include, but not limited to:
* PowerShell and Bash scripting for installation, maintenance, and build automation
* Internal pentesting and monitoring
* Automated Azure deployments
* Assessing product attack surface and security requirements
* Implementing internal IT policy and ensuring adherence
* Linux/KVM/Hyper-V virtualization SysOp
* Perforce/Gitlab (SCM) administration
* Administering the internal Active Directory and network infrastructure

2014 - 2017

Senior Software Developer (.Net/C#, MSSQL, PowerShell, Hyper-V, Azure) at Sensio AS

Working with Sensio automation systems as a .Net/C# back-end developer, Linux/KVM/Hyper-V virtualization SysOp, Perforce (SCM) administrator. Also writing PowerShell and Bash scripts to automate setup and internal processes, as well as administering the internal Active Directory and network structure.

2012 - 2014

Developer (C++, .Net/C#, MySQL) at Sensio AS

Working with Sensio automation systems as a .Net/C# back-end developer, Linux/KVM virtualization SysOp, Perforce (SCM) administrator.

2008 - 2012

Programmer (C++) at Funcom - Age of Conan and The Secret World

Feature development and bugfixing for MMORPG's Age of Conan and The Secret World, on both the server and client, in addition to work on inhouse tools used (and still being used) in development.

2008 - 2008

Programmer (Java) at Funcom - Pets VS Monsters

Prototype stage game development in Java with the JMonkey OpenGL Engine

Bachelor degree assignment from NITH, from January to May 2008

2006 - 2008

"QTS Operator" (manager of the automated dialer system) at Ipsos MMI

Developing internal support applications and systems, administering RedHat Linux and SCO OpenUnix machines, in addition to some hardware diagnostics and computer repair.

2005 - 2006

Telephone interviewer at MMI (now Ipsos MMI)

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing


Sensio TrafficServer The back-end server software responsible for collecting data from all the IoT devices deployed by Sensio and partner companies. It handles thousands of concurrent connections and several thousand messages per second, sorts them, stores information in the database and distributes relevant data to subscribed clients (cellphones, wall mounted panels, etc). C#/.Net Sensio AS
Unity Installer Installation and configuration scripts to fully automate the setup of new installations of Sensio's IoT platform. Packages all the components and handles everything from required Windows updates, third party software and tools to the deployment of Sensio's own software. Essential for installations in locked-down offline environments for health applications. PowerShell Sensio AS
Sensio Unity Sensio's flagship product Unity integrates all of the components required for a professional home automation system with remote administration and support tools, seamless transition between local and remote control, logging capabilities, as well as a guaranteed delivery alarm system for health applications. Sensio AS
The Secret World A tripple-A massively multiplayer online role playing game, centered around myths and conspiracy theories in a contemporary setting, working with Funcom's proprietary DreamWorld game engine. Funcom
Age of Conan A tripple-A massively multiplayer online role playing game, set in the famous fantasy world of Conan the Barbarian, created by Robert E. Howard, working with Funcom's proprietary DreamWorld game engine. Funcom
branch An internal tool, written in Bash 3.0, helping developers switch between several parallel codelines, greatly reducing the time required and the amount of shell instructions needed to work in several codelines at the same time. Funcom
QTS Portal A Java 1.4 front-end, using SSH and Samba to communicate with the Linux-based Quancept Telephony System and a few back-end supporting programs. The portal application displays current activity, statistics and summaries, in addition to monitoring and managing running projects, their quotas and users. The portal is still used heavily today, saving time and reducing the training required for supervisors to perform basic functions. Ipsos MMI


2005 - 2008

Bachelor of Game Programming

C++, Java, Unix, OpenGL, SQL, Oracle, .Net, A.I... (grades here)

NITH, Oslo
2003 - 2005

Electronics, Cybernetics

Math, Electrical Circuits, Digital Systems, IT, Physics...

Høgskolen i Oslo
2000 - 2003

Eksamen artium, allmennfag (High School)

Math, Physics, IT (and all the mandatory subjects)...

Foss VGS, Oslo

Spoken/Written languages

Norwegian Native
English Fluent
French Basic (very)

Programming/Web languages

C#/.Net Experienced with coding back-end server software optimized for large scale deployments
C++ Primarily game oriented programming using OpenGL and DirectX

Experienced with use and advanced scripting in Bash and related tools

I even made a spaceshooter game with it!

PowerShell Experienced with automating installation, configuration, maintenance and other time consuming tasks with PowerShell
PowerBI Experienced with generating customer facing reports from big data
PowerQuery Used in both Excel and PowerBI for advanced queries
SQL Experienced with writing complex, yet fast queries with optimal execution plans.
Java Experienced with coding both office applications and games
C Primarily experience with use on Atmel Microcontrollers for robotics projects
ActionScript Worked with AS2 for GUI development on The Secret World at Funcom

I write easily readable, good XHTML/CSS code, which validates with W3C

Check out the source code for this page!


Experienced with coding web applications in PHP

This whole page is built dynamically using PHP. There's a lot more going on than it looks like.

Python Some experience with it. Still learning
SCM Experience with Perforce, Git and Subversion for Source Control Management
Organization Experience with Jira and Bugzilla for Task Management
Embedded Experience with coding for various microcontrollers, PLC's and other specialized hardware

Operating systems

Linux Experienced user and administrator of Debian (2.2 - present) and Ubuntu (6.04 - present), some experience with Arch/Gentoo/RedHat/SUSE.
Microsoft Experienced user and system administrator of DOS 6.22, Win 3.11 (Workgroups), 95b, 98SE, NT4, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019, Windows 7, and Windows 10
Unix Some experience with SCO OpenUnix 5
Mac OS Experienced user of Mac OS 7-9, some experience with OS X
Other Experience with OS/2, Amiga Workbench, Tiki 100 and some other antiques

Other computer skills & known applications

Hardware Experienced with building, testing and servicing computers
KVM Experienced with running and monitoring Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machines
Hyper-V Experienced with running and monitoring Windows and Linux based virtual machines on Hyper-V infrastructure
Azure Used extensively for hosting at Sensio AS
AWS Used extensively for hosting at Attensi
Active Directory Experience installing and maintaining an Active Directory domain, managing users, computers, policies and permissions.
VMware Experienced with running and monitoring VMware ESX server Virtual Machines

IPTables (firewalls), setting up and securing various network services

(apache2, sshd, smbd, dhcpd, ntpd, vsftpd...)

Visual Studio

My usual Integrated Development Environment for C++ and C#

I've used Visual C++ 6, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012

Zend Studio

My usual Integrated Development Environment for PHP

Lately I've simply used VIM for this.

IntelliJ IDEA My usual Integrated Development Environment for Java
Jetbrains PyCharm My usual Integrated Development Environment for Python

My favorite editor on Linux (-like) machines :)

The editor that was used to write all the code behind this page!

JBuilder Another Integrated Development Environment for Java
MS Office Experienced user of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Visio Basics
Photoshop Photo manipulation and retouching, coloring, etc.

Courses and Subjects (in reverse chronological order)

FUNC300 Perforce Streams Funcom
PG320 .Net Programming NITH, Oslo
PG330 Programming in C++ NITH, Oslo
IPG320 Unix NITH, Oslo
DB101 Databases NITH, Oslo
TK102 Computer Technics NITH, Oslo
DS110 Game Design NITH, Oslo
TK510 Information Security NITH, Oslo
PG540 Artificial Intelligence NITH, Oslo
PG340 Introduction to PHP NITH, Oslo
PJ420 Research Methods NITH, Oslo
PG310 Project: Software Engineering NITH, Oslo
PG430 Introduction to Graphics Programming NITH, Oslo
DS500 Game Engines and Scripting NITH, Oslo
RF300 Math & Physics for Games NITH, Oslo
SY104 System Development 1 NITH, Oslo
SY202 System Development 2 NITH, Oslo
FO005A Mathematical Functions Høgskolen i Oslo
FO053K Environment and Chemistry Høgskolen i Oslo
LO197A Project Management Høgskolen i Oslo
FO016A Linear Algebra Høgskolen i Oslo
FO300A Physics Høgskolen i Oslo
LO326E Electronic Circuits Høgskolen i Oslo
LO328E Digital Systems Høgskolen i Oslo
LO340E Informatics 1 Høgskolen i Oslo
LO344E Informatics 2 Høgskolen i Oslo
LO319E Communications Networks Høgskolen i Oslo
LO350E Electronics 1 Høgskolen i Oslo