Grades at NITH - √ėyvind Hvidsten

Code Subject Name Grade Exam date
DS500 Game Engines and Scripting A 2007-12-24
TK510 Information Security C 2007-12-21
PG540 Artificial Intelligence A 2007-12-07
PG340 Introduction to PHP B 2007-11-23
PJ420 Research Methods Attended 2007-11-05
PJ310 Project: Software Engineering A 2007-06-18
PG430 Introduction to Graphics Programming B 2007-06-04
DS110 Game Design (best design of the year!) Attended 2007-05-25
RF300 Math & Physics for Games A 2006-12-24
PG320 .Net Programming B 2006-12-24
PG330 Programming in C++ B 2006-12-24
IPG320 Unix B 2006-11-28
DB101 Databases B 2006-06-20
TK102 Computer Technics B 2006-05-01
SY202 System Development 2 C 2006-05-01
SY104 System Development 1 Attended 2006-05-01